“Earthy and witty, and the lives of its heroines of everyday existence are memorable and inspiring.”
Foreword Reviews, US

“’Extraordinary. You can’t put this book down.”
Vogue, Brazil

“A unique and enchanting novel.”
Elle, France

“Batalha’s debut shines a light on often-overlooked members of society and paints a thorough and riveting portrait of its characters that will keep readers engaged till the end.”
Booklist, US

“Batalha writes in a unique, darkly humorous style that despite its often-satirical tone, remains a realistic, vivid picture of life in a particular city at a particular time.”
The Bookbag, UK

“Martha Batalha creates a nostalgic, exotic microcosm…full of compassion, but with a good pinch of irony and a hearty helping of humour.”
Literaturkritik, Germany

The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmão


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“A worthy debut for Batalha, full of wry humor.”
Kirkus, US

“One of the best books of the year”
São Paulo Review, Brazil

“We love the raging irony of this story and its portrayal of a secret rebel.”
Cosmopolitan, France

“Batalha knows her craft: synthetic prose, structured characters and a good deal of humor are the key ingredients of this delightful novel.”
Critica Letteraria, Italy

“A jubilant novel about the emancipation of women.”
Madame Figaro, France

“Martha Batalha delivers a feminist debut […] and a beautiful journey through folkloric Rio filled with the scent of spices, coconut milk and guava marmalade.”
Le Parisien Magazine

“Razor-sharp, dry, caustic and intelligent.”
Alberto Mussa, author of The Mystery of Rio

“Clever and unusual…filled with amusing tales told through its array of memorable characters.”
Carlos Saldanha, film director

“An epic saga, a roman-fleuve.”
Ruy Castro, author of Bossa Nova, The story of the Brazilian music that seduced the world

“Spellbinding…Batalha is one of those rare writers who can summarise an entire life in a single paragraph, so when she spends an entire book on a single life, the reader is in for a treat.”
Laia Jufresa, author of Umami

“Martha Batalha…tells the story of the brilliant sisters Guida and Euridice with humour, social awareness and wit.”
Mariana Enriquez, author of Things We Lost in the Fire